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Femtosecond Laser Source

Femtosecond Laser Source

Femtosecond Laser, 10mW: FSL1010 High Power Femtosecond Laser, Up to 150mW: FSL1010HP

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Femtosecond Laser Source  

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Two Versions to Choose from:

  • Femtosecond Laser, 10mW: FSL1010
  • High Power Femtosecond Laser, Up to 150mW: FSL1010HP


  • Wavelength: 1550nm
  • Power: >10mW (FSL1010) or Up to 150mW (FSL1010HP)
  • Pulse Width: <150fs
  • Repetition Rate: 80MHz ??1MHz (On Request: 50 to 100MHz)
  • Repetition Rate Stability: 1ppm
  • Truly Turn-key Self-Starting Mode-Locking Mechanism
  • Fiber Coupled Output: (FC/APC)
  • Large Optical Bandwidth: >30nm
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Optional Dispersion Compensated Patch Cords
  • Small Footprint

The FSL1010 Series Femtosecond Laser is an erbium doped fiber based femtosecond laser which provides 150fs pulses at 1.5?? with a repetition rate of 80MHz and an average output power of 10mW or up to 150mW (high power version). This fiber based ring laser utilizes passive mode locking. A software routine is used upon power-up to automatically identify and lock to the optimal mode locking state with the best stability and shortest pulse width. The thermal and mechanical stability of the cavity ensures the system will remain stable for weeks at a time. In the event the mode locking is interrupted, a simple front panel reset control reinitiates the system and within seconds the optimal mode locking point is re-established.

Femtosecond Laser Source Technology
The FSL1010 takes advantage of the availability of telecom rated components to ensure years of trouble free operation. The fiber based ring cavity uses a highly doped Er+ fiber, and a series of polarization optics. The combination of telecom rated components and the latest achievements in fiber technology provide a truly turn-key femtosecond laser. The FSL1010 Series provides a fixed repetition rate of 80MHz with a stability of 1 part per million. If required, any fixed rate between 50 and 100MHz is available upon request. For further information, please contact our Tech Support Team.

For experiments requiring extremely high accuracy and stability of the repetition rate, an optional external control can be provided that allows the synchronization to an external reference source like an atomic clock.

The FSL1010 Femtosecond Laser is a portable benchtop source that provides ultra-short optical pulses for both laboratory and industrial applications:

  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy (direct use or use as a seed laser for amplified systems)
  • Two- and Multi-photon Spectroscopy in Biochemistry or Other Fields
  • Test Source for Optical and Electro-optical Components

It is designed and recommended for applications where pulse length, peak power, stable repetition rate, ease-of-use, and economical benefits are all required.

The FSL1010 Series is shipped with a dispersion compensated patch cord of 1m. The use of this cable ensures that the stated specs are met. If required, free space output is also available upon request.

The FSL1010 is a result of a collaboration between Thorlabs GmbH and Menlo Systems GmbH. Menlo Systems (a Thorlabs Strategic Partner), best known for its pioneering work in the development and commercialization of optical frequency comb technology under the leadership of Ted Haensch (Physics Nobel Prize Laureate 2005), has provided the fiber cavity design. Thorlabs GmbH, with its extensive understanding of high speed polarization measurement and active control, along with its years of experience manufacturing low noise, highly stable laser diode drivers has provided the control electronics.